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Classes temporarilly suspended. These classes will resume when covid restrictions are lifted

Thursday Classes in Las Cruces

Yang Style Long Form

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Las Cruces NM.

This is a class for the study of the traditional Yang family long form. This is a very open comfortable form. The emphasis is on releasing tension, balance, grounding, lengthening the body, gathering energy and centering.

$50 per 4 sessions

Wu Short Form Level 1 and Level 2

10:30 - 11:30 AM
Las Cruce NM.

Level 1 is designed to teach the basic movements of the Wu style short form. The Wu style short form consists of a sequence of 18 precisely choreographed movements practiced in a slow meditative manner, taking about four minutes to perform. This sequence of movements is specifically designed to help you develop calmness, flexibility, balance, coordination, ease of movement and stamina.

Level 2 adds greater depth to the short form, releasing major contractions of the body while smoothing out major exaggerations. We will begin the work of balancing the left and right sides of the body, stabilizing the legs and spine and incorporating the cadence of bending and stretching into the form.

$50 per 4 sessions

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Private Classes

Private classes can also be arranged for individuals or small groups.
The instruction will be designed to meet your interests and needs.
This is the most efficient way towards self improvement.
Classes are tailored to your individual needs.

$60 per hour for one person
$75 per hour for two people
$90 per hour for 3-6 people
100$ per hour for more than 6 people

For more information about these and other classes please contact Steve Barowsky
915 - 584 - 4730

Center for Internal Arts 5757 Montoya Drive, El Paso Texas, 79932 915-5844730 sbarowsky1@operamail.com





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Wu Stle Rollback




Due to the covid pandemic our group classes are temporarlly suspended. Private classes are available following covid safety rules. We meet outdoors wearing masks and keep at least a six foot distance.

Online classes using zoom are also available with the added bonus of being able to record the session.




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