Chi Gung, (also spelled Qi gong or Chi Kung ), and Nei Gung are Chinese mind-body-spirit arts with a history dating back at least three thousand years. The purpose of these techniques is to develop and make the best use of the energy of the body and the energy surrounding us. Through our Chi Gung and Nei Gung courses you learn the fundamental processes of moving energy within your body and connecting clearly to the Yin -Yang energies in your surroundings. The practice of Chi Gung and Nei gung is oriented toward health and meditation. These practices will boost your energy, reduce your stress level and awaken your body and mind. Each of the courses offered at the Center for Internal Arts are designed as modules. They can be practiced on their own, but adding them to the other classes creates a practice which is greater than the sum of the parts. Although they are complementary one does not need to practice Tai Chi in order to practice Chi Gung or Nei gung.

Chi Gung ( Qi gong ) and Nei Gung
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