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Seminars 2019


Special Private or Group Classes Can Be Arranged

Let Steve be your Tai Chi personal trainer.

This is the most effective way towards self improvement.
Classes are tailored to your individual needs


Five Sunday Mornings

Gods Playing In The Clouds Chi Gung embodies the Earth Element. It brings together and unifies all the deeper components of the ancient Taoist Water Method. It is the source from which the internal arts such as Tai Chi were created.
This is truely a mind body exercise and is meditative movement at its highest level


Five Sundays January 27, February 3, 10, 17 and 24
At The Center For Internal Arts 5757 Montoya Drive,El Paso Texas

To register or for any questions you may have 
contact Steve Barowsky at 915-584-4730
 email sbarowsky1@gmail.com


For Health, Stress Reduction, Energy And Meditation
This seminar has value for everyone who would like to greatly improve
the mechanics of their breathing to positively affect their health and energy levels.
These pracitces are also an introduction to Taoist meditation,
and are the basic breathing methods used in the internal arts such as Tai Chi.
This program was developed by my teacher
lineage master Bruce Frantzis as a way to teach traditional Taoist breathing methods.


To register or for more information call Steve Barowsky at (915) 584-4730
or email sbarowsky1@operamail.com
on the web at centerforinternalarts.com
register early as space is limited



Opening The Energy Gates is a 3000 year old System For Better Health and greater awareness.
It is a core practice from the Taoist Water Method.
In this seminar you will learn the basic Standing Chi Gung practice and how to let go of blockages in your energy body through the outer dissolving method.
You will also learn the Chi Gung Cloud Hand movement with the basic primciples that form the basis of Tai Chi movements.
5 sessions: Sunday mornings 9AM - 12 PM
May 19, 26, June 2, 9, and 16
At the center For Inernal Arts 5757 Montoya Drive El Paso Texas.

To register or for more information call Steve Barowsky at (915) 584-4730 or email sbarowsky1@operamail.com
on the web at centerforinternalarts.com




In The Park In Mesilla New Mexico

To Register Or For Any Questions
Contact Steve Barowsky 915 584 4730
Or Email sbarowsky1@operamail.com

Seven Sunday Mornings:
August 25, September 8, 15, 22, 29, October 6, and 13
9 AM Through 12 Noon

Explore The Nature Of Change
With This Moving Meditation
From The Ancient Chinese Tradition Of Taoism


An Intensive Seminar For Health, Healing, Energy and Awareness
Calm your body and mind, and boost and balance your energy by learning 
Dragon Tiger Chi Gung, a 1500 year old Chi Gung set developed in Chinese Buddhist monasteries for purposes of meditation, exercise and healing. Dragon Tiger is invigorating, yet calming, and helps you to release stress and pain.  You can learn it, regardless of your age or physical ability. Dragon Tiger is taught in China for general well being and to help in the treatment of cancer and other chronic ailments.
Seven Sunday Mornings 9 AM - 12 Noon
January 26, February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 1 and 8
Please register early!
In the park behind the Mesilla Park Recreation Center 304 Bell Avenue, Las Cruces New Mexico
To Register or For information call Steve Barowsky (915) 584 - 4730 or email sbarowsky1@operamail.com