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Special Private or Group Classes Can Be Arranged

Let Steve be your Tai Chi personal trainer.

This is the most effective way towards self improvement.
Classes are tailored to your individual needs


Seminars 2017



This set of Chi Gung Meditiations and Movments are the root of the Internal Arts such as Tai Chi and Bagua

This is a 3000 year old core practice from the Taoist Water Method

Click here to see a demonstration of Energy Gates and more Information.

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Five Sundays 9:00 Am - 12:00 Noon - February 5, 12, 19, 26 and March5

$190 For The Entire Seminar
At The Center For Internal Arts, 5757 Montoya Drive El Paso Texas

To Register or for more information
Call Steve Barowsky at
(915) 584-4730
Or Email sbarowsky1@operamail.com

Join Us For a Sunday Morning Of Taoist Meditations

A Taoist Breath Meditation
A meditation from the Tao Te Ching on the nature of emptiness
A meditation to connect to the Earth Element

One Sunday morning , January 15
From 9 AM - 12 Noon
At The Center For Internal Arts - With Steve Barowsky
Certified Senior Instructor for B.K. Frantzis Master of Taoist Energy Arts
The cost will be $50
To Register or for information call
Steve Barowsky (915)584-4730-sbarowsky1@operamail.com
On the web at centerforinternalarts.com

Taoist Meditations For The New Year

The Tai Chi Fan Form

Six sessions meeting Sunday mornings
March 19, 26 April 2, 9, 30 and may 7
cost includes 18 hours of instruction
Sign up by Tuesday March 7 With a $20 deposit
and receive a bamboo practice fan

at the
915-5844730 or sbarowsky1@operamail.COM


Learn this beautiful short Tai Chi Form using the Chinese steel fan, This unique form is a great exercise for health, vitality, cultivation of chi and self defence
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The Marriage Of Heaven And Earth
The Wood Element (growth)

Learn The Core Principles Of Tai Chi
With This Movement Meditation From The Ancient Taoist Water Tradition
At The Center For Internal Arts
5757 Montoya Drive, El Paso Texas
Lengthen and open your body, increase your internal energy, strengthen your breathing, Let go of blockages and smoothly move your chi, reduce stress, maintain health, develop your awareness and Increase performance in all aspects of your life
Five Sundays, 9AM -12 Noon: May 21 and 28, June 4, 11 and 18 - $190 for the entire seminar To Register or for more information Call Steve Barowsky at (915) 584-4730 or email sbarowsky1@operamail.com on the web at centerforinternalarts.com

For More information

Click Here for a long discussion amongst energy arts instructors on the Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Click Here for Paul Clavel a senior instructor for Energy Arts demonstrating the exercise