Steve Barowsky is the director of the Center for Internal Arts. He has studied the internal arts of China extensively for over 30 years. He is a certified senior instructor for B.K. Frantzis, Master of Taoist energy arts. B.K. Frantzis is a direct lineage holder from the late Grandmaster Liu Hung Chieh of Beijing. Steve is also a long time student of and certified instructor for Master K.C. Mao of Shanghai who now resides in San Francisco. K.C. Mao's teachers include Chen Chai Kuei (the son of Chen Fake) in Chen style, Fu Zhong Wen (the nephew of Yang Cheng Fu) in Yang style, Wu Yin Hua (daughter of Wu Chien Chuan) in Wu style and Ma Yueh Liang (son in law of Wu Chien Chuan). Prior to the past 26 years Steve studied external styles of Kung Fu for many years and was trained and worked as a teacher of Kundalini yoga. Steve also has a bachelors degree in anthropology and a masters degree in education.


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