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Tai Chi Styles






Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Yang style Tai Chi is one of the most popular forms of Tai Chi practiced in the world today. It was popularized by Yang Cheng Fu in the early part of this century. Yang made the form smooth and even, emphasizing the health benefits and making Tai Chi accessible to the general population. It has a comfortable balance between external range of motion and internal movements both physically and energetically. It is especially good for developing relaxed strength and balance

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

The Wu style of Tai Chi is particularly beneficial for facilitating the healing of injuries, especially back problems. This form is the long slow set taught in the 1930's by Wu Jien Chuan, the Wu style founder, passing on the lineage to Liu Hung Chieh. Master Liu passed the lineage on to B.K. Frantzis. Steve Barowsky is a senior instructor for B.K. Frantzis. Master B.K. Frantzis derived the Wu short form from the Wu long form at the suggestion of Master Liu. The Wu style is a small frame form of Tai Chi Chuan. The movements are more compact on the outside while the internal actions are more intense. Both the original long form and the short form are taught at the Center For Internal Arts.

The Wu style fast form

This is also a long form with the same sequence as the slow set. the movements are done with a larger frame. In contrast to the slow set which is practiced at a slow even speed. The fast set in addition to the movements being generally fast is done at variable speeds with some movements being done much faster than others. This form was taught to me by Gerald Sharp who learned it from Master Ma Yueh Liang a direct lineage holder from Wu Chien Chuan.